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Our Values 

      Cedarcrest Baptist Church 

  • Demonstrates to all people, in a winsome way, the love of Christ in word and deed; and therefore, is a loving, friendly, kind, non-judgmental, giving church; committed to reach out to people and meet human need.


  • Sees itself as a family, enjoying true fellowship; Able to share joys, hurts, and burdens; while responding in a loving, encouraging, and supporting way.​


  • Is united in purpose; committed to being doers of the Word together; as active participants in confidently and boldly proclaiming the Gospel by every means to all people.


  • Through effective communication and visibility in the community is aware of the needs around us, aware of the divine and human resources available to us, and known in the area as the kind of church we are and aspire to be.


  • Through effective planning defines our desired goals and the means by which we attain them.


  • Knows one another needs and provides ongoing training for ministry for all ages, levels, and areas of life and ministry.


  • Maintains an emphasis on biblical teaching in each area of its program and ministry, understanding that the Word of God is the fundamental and authoritative foundation for all Christian living.


  • Knows one another needs and provides diverse and ongoing training for the ministry of all ages, levels, and areas of life and ministry.


  • It is engaged in and encourages serious and regular prayer as a means of growing in grace and invoking the activity of God in our midst.


  • Encourages all believers to grow in every area of their life and ministry.


  • Emphasizes both public, corporate worship and private, personal worship.


  • It gives priority to worship in terms of time and support and where all people are willing to participate in worship.


  • Builds and maintains adequate facilities and parking for the overall ministry of the church.

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Constituion & By-Laws